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The Grand Tour of Greek Mythology is a heavily-illustrated storybook which spans the entire timeline of the Greek Myths from the creation of the universe to the founding of Rome. You'll meet the mighty Heracles as he performs his many labors, you'll travel with Jason and his Argonauts on their famous quest for the Golden Fleece, and you'll fight side-by-side with Achilles before the impenetrable walls of Troy! This 100-page book also contains a glossary of names and a map of ancient Greece and is suitable for all ages.

Grand Tour of Greek Mythology

The Grand Tour of Greek Mythology is a 100-page, 5.5" x 8.5" paperback book. Color cover with heavily illustrated black and white interior pages. Great for all ages.

Hercules: Choose Your Destiny

Hercules: Choose Your Destiny is a 64 page choose-your-own-adventure comic book based on the labors of Hercules.

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