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The Satyr Collection is a 108 page graphic novel which satirizes Greek mythology. Meet Silenus, king of the woodland creatures, and his host of Satyrs, Centaurs, and Nymphs who inhabit the remote island of Nysa. Between their duties of protecting the animals, and tending to the sacred forest, Silenus and friends lead a frivolous and frolicsome life of wine, women, and song -- though they always manage to find a few spare moments to relate a pun-packed parody of one of the famous Greek Myths for you, their adoring audience. You’ll meet many famous figures such as the greedy King Midas, the cruel Cyclops, the unlucky Oedipus Rex, and even the Olympian gods themselves. The Satyr Collection collects the 5 issues of the Satyr comic book with an additional 21 page story. Suitable for all ages. Get Satyrs-fied!


The Satyr Collection is a 108-page, 5.5" x 8.5" graphic novel which collects all five issues of the Satyr comic book, plus an additional story. Color cover with black and white interior pages. Great for all ages.


The Satyr Collection Deluxe Edition reproduces one story (originally printed in color) in full color, with additional color throughout.

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