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publishes Satyr, Chimera, The Grand Tour of Greek Mythology, Silenus Tarot cards, and many other comic books and graphic novels -- most written and illustrated by Mike Indovina.



Timeless: a web comic from Satyr Play Productions. Click the above illustration to view.

Of Gods And Men

God of Wine









To Order:

Individuals may order Chimera #1-#5, Chimera Strikes #1-#2, Satyr #0-#2, Satyr Color Special #1, or Situation Tragedy for $3.00 each.

Chimera Strikes #3 and Chimera: Mask of the Gorgon are $4.00 each.

Satyr Collection is $12.00 BUY ON AMAZON

Satyr Collection: Deluxe Color Edition is $16.99 BUY ON AMAZON

Grand Tour of Greek Mythology is $12.00 BUY ON AMAZON

Hercules: Choose Your Destiny is $5.00

Chimera: The Collection is $14.00

The Silenus Tarot Deck is $28.00

Silenus Tarot Guidebook is $12.00 BUY ON AMAZON

Timeless #1 is $5.00

Shipping is FREE for orders within the USA.

Just send check or money order, payable to Mike Indovina, to the address below... or email me if you wish to pay via Paypal. Retailers may order copies at a discounted price.

Satyr Play Productions - 5343 S. 73rd Ct., Summit, IL 60501


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